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CNC/PNC Metal Spinning Service in Birmingham, UK

For more than 25 years, Supreme Metal Spinning has utilised CNC and PNC machines as part of our premier metal spinning services. We have acquired many cutting-edge machines and tools over the years. As well as specialising in traditional hand spinning, we have mastered the use of CNC machines to produce highly accurate, advanced components.

About CNC/PNC Metal Spinning
Metal spinning with CNC or PNC tools is a very sophisticated manufacturing method. CNC stands for computer numerical control, whereas PNC stands for programmable numerical control. The programmable version involves manual spinning of the first part, so that the computer programme can monitor and copy its movement.

A wide variety of operations can be carried out with just one programme.

Our CNC lathes deliver fast production runs at competitive prices, harnessing the latest CAD/CAM technology. We employ skilled and experienced technicians to handle the programming and monitor production.

No matter what type of metal and size of parts you require, our CNC machinery can handle your specifications efficiently. Our multiple axes and high spec machines are ideally suited to complex metal spinning.

Benefits of CNC Metal Spinning:
- High quality, identical parts
- Extreme accuracy (to within 0.25mm)
- Complete computer software automation means no human error
- Different tools to suit various grades and thicknesses of metal
- Multiple axis cutting for complex design specs
- Fast production runs mean short lead times
- Low cost for medium to large bulk orders

Supreme Metal Spinning has such a depth and breadth of knowledge in our field that we are often used by other users of Leifeld Metal Spinning Machinery for programming and service.

Call 0121 448 6900 or email office@neutrad.co.uk to find out more about how our CNC metal spinning service can help you.