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Metal Spinning Service in Birmingham, UK

About Metal Spinning
To begin the metal spinning process, a circular metal blank is clamped to the spinning mandrel on the machine. While the metal blank and mandrel rotate together, a roller tool is programmed with a series of passes to form the component.

Metal spinning is so popular with manufacturers because it gives a fit for purpose component with quick lead times and competitive unit costs.

Metal spinning is particularly common as a way to replicate parts made with alternative processes, such as pressing, casting or forging. Often it is a much cheaper and time-critical alternative.

Our Expertise
Supreme Metal Spinners fully trained engineers have been using automated machinery for metal spinning since 1985. We have the technical know-how and experience to manufacture your components from a wide range of materials.

Our metal spinners are capable of producing small or large batches.

Why Choose Us
- Lower cost: unlike traditional stamping and casting methods, metal spinning is a faster and lower cost option.
- Experience: we have been established as a company since 1957 and have been utilising CNC metal spinning machines for more than 25 years.
- Flexibility: we are proud to offer highly flexible metal spinning services to suit all applications and serve a range of industries.
- Quality: you can expect the highest quality of components from our fully trained metal spinners. Everything is done in-house at our well-equipped factory; from large scale industrial reproduction to small product batches.

To enquire about our metal spinning services and what our capabilities are, call 0121 643 9428 or email office@neutrad.co.uk.