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Finishing & Polishing Services in Birmingham, UK

As well as specialising in metal spinning and presswork, Supreme Metal Spinning offers secondary services that add value to your final products. We readily offer finishing and polishing of metal components and parts to all of our clients. Having finishing services completed in-house reduces overall production costs for your company, by cutting the number of suppliers involved.

Our finishing services include:

▪ Powder coating – this finishing coat is often applied to parts as a protective layer.
▪ Wet Spraying - to include clear / tint lacquer and colour paint.
▪ Polishing – we can bright polish and grain all materials.
▪ Anodising and Electroplating are carried out by local Sub contract suppliers.

To enquire about our finishing and polishing services for spun metal products, call our experts on 0121 643 9428 or email office@neutrad.co.uk.