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Hand Metal spinning

Metal spinning by hand is a highly skilled art that our team has perfected over many decades of doing business. If you require complex, exact products in small production runs, you can expect excellent value for money by choosing our hand metal spinning service.

Our team of fully trained and experienced craftsmen can spin metals of all kinds, with careful control of metal thickness for the most complex of components. The manual shaping and forming involved means practical or artistic products can be manufactured, such as trophies, decorative candlesticks or small automotive parts in very thin materials.

We have a range of chuck shapes and sizes and spooning tools at our factory, ensuring that every item is bespoke and in line with your requirements. From our base in Birmingham we deliver high quality, low cost hand-spun metal products throughout the UK. You can also visit our showroom.

If you would like to take advantage of our hand metal spinning service, call 0121 448 6900 or email office@neutrad.co.uk to place an enquiry.